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Ear Training for Bass Players

Workin' It Out - Aural Skills for Bass Players - Level One is a 12-track, 45-minute audio MP3 file that will show you EXACTLY how to find notes and work out bass parts off recordings and live performances.

By unlocking and developing your "brain-ear" this session will improve your musical "hearing" forever!

The 45-minute lesson guides you step-by-step through the entire process of figuring out bass lines, grooves, and melodies. The lesson includes pitch visualization, note finding, workshopping played examples, bass riffs in different keys, chord recognition, finding chord roots, and working out melodies.

This lesson gives you the tools to work out bass parts on your own.

Workin' It Out provides a wealth of knowledge from bass player and renowned online music educator George Urbaszek. George has over 3500 performances, 130 recording sessions, and 39 years of bass teaching experience.

George guides you and enables you to unlock your own resources using logical steps. Just look up George on You Tube by typing "beginner bass lessons" in the You Tube search bar to experience his lesson style "first hand".

With Workin' It Out your "hearing" will improve forever!

Find out how my ear training system works for you by clicking on any of the samples below.

Ear Training for Bass Players - Sample 1

Ear Training for Bass Players - Sample 2

Ear Training for Bass Players - Sample 3

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